History and Background

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda is a body corporate established by the Pharmacy and drugs act of 1970 and Cap 280 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. Over the last decade the society has doubled its numbers from 200 in 1999 to a membership of 465 at present.This comprises of Pharmacists working in Community Pharmacies, Hospitals, Pharma industries, Regulatory bodies, academia ,research organizations, drug procurement and distribution entities among others.

Governing Body

The society is governed by the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda. This consists of 12 members. The Secretary and Treasurer are Ex-officio members and are elected annually during the Annual general meeting.6 members of the Council are elected every 4 years by the Annual general Assembly while the remaining 4 are appointed by the Minister of health every 4 years. The President and the Vice President are elected from among the Council members. This democratic arrangement ensures autonomy in the running of Professional activities but at the same time provides adequate representation from both the Private and Public sector.

The Administration

The   council discharges  its functions through the Secretary who is   responsible for the day to day running  of the society affairs and is   the Chief accounting officer. The Treasurer oversees  the finances of   the society. In addition the society has 3 full time employees  who   include a finance and administration manager, an administrative   assistant  and an office assistant.