Examination Committee

This   committee is  tasked with conducting examinations on behalf of the   Council .It is also  involved in establishing Quality assurance   mechanisms for the exams that it  conducts from time to time.Currently   there 2 exams that are carried out  annually.

  • Eligibility exam-This is done prior to anyone commencing internship. It serves 3 main objectives. First, it  acts as a  preparatory exam which bridges academic knowledge versus practice requirement and enables students to be adequately   prepared for the internship by aligning their focus on practice issues. It assesses their basic knowledge in Pharmacy. Secondly, it is a quality assurance tool through which the Council evaluates the Pharmacy curriculum being implemented by the various tertiary institutions and enables the council provide feedback on areas of improvement. Lastly, it helps to curb any cases of forgeries by unscrupulous persons who haven't undergone any training in Pharmacy. This helps to save the profession and thus the public   from unqualified persons. The exam is conducted 4 times a year and based on need.
  • Pre-registration       exam-this   is done after successful completion of internship and serves to prepare the interns for their lives as practicing Pharmacists. It   assesses both knowledge and skills. This exam is conducted twice a year.It is the main exam for admission into the society and  registration as a Pharmacist.