• The PSU Sickle Cell Run 2016

    Sunday 25th September 2016

  • Phase II of Pharmacy house

    This Phase will house the drug research and development centre having a pharmaceutics, pharmacology, chemistry and microbiology lab, a number of rental units for offices, a cafeteria and an 850 seater auditorium,

  • Continous Proffesional Development

    Pharmacists attending Continous Professional Education seminars

  • Strategic Collaboration

    PSU leadership meeting Pharmacists and Pharmacy students from Wilkes University and D’youvile Pharmacy college, USA to discuss introduction of Pharmaceutical care in Uganda hospitals

Recent Features

2nd December 2016

Self-Inspection Checklist for Pharmacies (Wholesale Pharmacies /Importers/Distributors)

Wholesale and Retail Pharmacies have to fill both Wholesale and retail self inspection checklists separately
2nd December 2016

PSU Self-Inspection Checklist for Pharmacies (Retail Pharmacy)

The Supervising Pharmacists should fill these forms at least once a year and submit a copy to PSU
1st December 2016

Guidelines for Supervision and Issuance of Certificates of Practice for the Year 2017

The licensing cycle for the year 2017 commences on 24th October 2016 and all Certificates of Practice must be renewed.
1st December 2016

PSU Change Over Form

To be filled by all Pharmacies changing Pharmacist both during the year and between two year
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