Pre Registration Examination

This set of exam is availed to individuals that have Successful completed their internship. The exam is conducted in February and October every year. Pre-registration examination comprises of one comprehensive paper. The paper tests 6 key areas/skills acquired during internship that include:

  • Drug Regulation
  • Medicines and supply Chain Management
  • Clinical pharmacy/pharmaceutical care
  • Professionalism, Pharmacy law and ethics
  • General/Community pharmacy practice
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing/industrial pharmacy practice


All applicants are required to fulfill the following in order to qualify to sit for the exam:

  1. Written/Typed application letter to sit for exam addressed to the Secretary Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda
  2. Pre-registration application form (Can be downloaded from PSU Website or Picked from PSU offices at Pharmacy House located in Kyambogo-Banda).
  3. Pre-registration online application done through the PSU website
  4. Updated Curriculum vitae (C.V)
  5. Letter of completion of internship from the respective internship centre
  6. Proof of payment (Ugandans 350,000/=, (Three hundred fifty thousand shillings only) and non-Ugandan 200 Dollars.